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Free download the adventure of TINTIN (android)

The game is predominantly a platformer. The player controls Tintin most of the time, but can also control Snowy, and in the final battle, the player controls Captain Haddock. Snowy has the ability to follow the Tintin's scent, as well as the scent of other humans and creatures, and can also scare harmful creatures away with a bark. Tintin can punch enemies and climb ladders, and can also pilot planes and motorcycles. Whereas Tintin can only attack using punches, Haddock can also use a sword to fight.
In the iOS and Android versions, there are several gameplay differences. For example, the game doesn't include side-scrolling views. Instead, it uses a third-person perspective. The player can press and hold the "sprint" button to run, and the "stealth" button to crawl silently. The player cannot attack, but can tap and swipe buttons on the screen to do attack moves. In the Sir Francis levels, the player is able to fire cannons and sword fight. Sword fights are played using a side-view, and are utilize finger swipes to attack, block and dodge.

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